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Shutters are the ultimate choice in window coverings. They add significantly to the resale value of the home. They are the best insulators against heat, cold, and noise. They also offer a great deal of light control. While different fads have come and gone in the window covering industry, shutters have remained a constant beauty. Shutters are a great investment in your home, one that carries a lifetime structural warranty. We use only the highest quality wood and hardware available, and we have experienced installers that will not settle for anything less than perfect.Continue to learn about factors to consider when buying wood shutters.

Quality of the Wood

This may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked. There are many different opinions about the "ideal" wood to use for shutters, each of which has credibility. The important thing to remember is that you should choose a North American hardwood, such as basswood, poplar, or aspen. About 75% of the industry agrees that basswood is the "ideal" wood for shutters, and basswood also seems to be the most popular choice for wood blinds. More important than which type of wood is used, is how careful the manufacturer is in selecting the wood. The better companies will carefully screen the wood that will be used. Consumers should be leery of cheap shutters..they might be using wood that others wouldn't have. Shutters are a natural wood product, so no company can guarantee that theirs will not warp. However, shutters purchased from reputable companies will be far less likely to have problems. In other words, you get what you pay for.

Quality Of Craftsmanship

All of the wood shutters sold by Worlds Best Shutters are made right here in our shops in Salt Lake City, Utah. We know that if we sell you a superior product, you will tell your friends about us. We only deal with the highest quality craftsman with the strictest quality controls. We are on your side, we want to all our products to be the best in the industry just as much (maybe even a little more ) than you do.

  • Attention to detail is critical with shutters. A lot of corners are cut in this area.
  • Look for tight tolerances.
  • Look for clean, smooth cuts. No jagged edges!

Note: Options, finishes, and other features will vary from region to region.

Finish Options

Painted Finish

The wood is painted with a oil based enamel which is our standard because of durability, however lacquers and water based paints are available as well in any color or sheen.

Stained Finish

There are several stains to chose from, and for an additional charge, we can custom match any stain. Stained finish may be 5-25% more than painted.

Smooth Finish

This refers to the texture of the wood. This means the wood has been sanded for a smooth finish

Sandblasted Finish

The most popular choice for shutters, this also refers to the texture of the wood. The wood is treated or otherwise handled so that the grain of the wood shows. (A rough finish)

Piano Finish

A high gloss finish on a stain for a very elegant look. 

Other Options

Other Options

Louver Sizes

This is a preference on your part. The wider slats allow for the most view, and a more contemporary look, because the slats are fewer and farther apart. The narrow 1 ¼ inch slats give a traditional look and may work well on small windows. 3 ½ inch is the most common size, because it is has the advantages of both. Though these are our most common sizes, any size is available.

Panel Divisions

Shutters can be made to open virtually any direction and position, whatever is most functional and aesthetically appealing for the window.


Shutters can accommodate virtually any size window.


Shutters can be made in any shape This includes: operable arches (both perfect and imperfect), circles, rectangles, trapezoid, triangle, quarter arches. Any window can be covered with a wood shutter. Tile cut outs are available for a small charge.

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